Weather Snake

I remember as a little girl one of the first things my Mother taught us to crochet was a weather snake.  These were long tubes that we crochet using a variety of stitches.  This one is made using the half double stitch.These snakes would be placed at the bottom of doors or windows to stop the drafts, and it is a great way to use up scrap yarn.  I hate throwing anything out, so I stuffed mine with stuffing from a pillow that someone had given me.  Below are the instructions for a Crochet Weather Snake.

Great for stopping drafts under doors or windows!


Crochet Weather SnakeHand Crochet Weather Snake

Chain 4. Join into a circle with a single stitch.

Row 1: Chain 2, Insert hook into circle, pull up thread, pull thread through both loops on the hook.  This is what I call a half double crochet.

Do this 18 times, for a total of 19 half double crochets, the first double crochet is the chain two. Join each row with a single stitch and start each row with a chain two.  Repeat this until your snake has reached its desired length.  This particular snake is 39 1/2 inches.

I found it easier to stuff the snake as I went along.  I would do four or five rows, then stuff in a handful of the batting from the pillow I was up cycling.  I have enough stuffing from this one pillow to do quite a few projects.

Keep on Crafting Montana!

Oooo, would you look at that!

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