Video Introduction to Beading Needles


Video:All About Beading Needles

Beading needles come in all varieties of sizes, sharpness, and width. Learn all about the different types of beading needles and which work best for certain projects in this beading video from

Oooo, would you look at that!

My family has lived in Montana for over a hundred years. I have lived and worked in Montana my entire life. I have raised two beautiful daughters and now enjoy my disability by spending time with my family, stringing beads, learning new needlework skills like arm knitting, knitting, and practicing crafting skills I have been doing as long as I can remember. The skill I really want to indulge in is writing, but until I have practiced some more enjoy the post on my ecommerce site: The pictures are crude because I am not a photographer, the items are simple because I wanted to make things that people could afford. How many birthday parties a year does your child under ten attend? As my skills improve and evolve so will the types of items I can sell online. Currently I am working on a cottage food permit and those sells can only be done face to face. Follow me where ever you find me and help me to evolve into a better craftsman.

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