Tis The Night Before Christmas Eve Day, Oh Boy

I last posted in October that it was a tough year for me in 2015. It is my hope that 2016, is fresh, new, exciting, and full of great positive surprises for all who are reading this posting and for those I know personally. As I have looked back over the year (actually years) since this blog, e-commerce site has been up; I have noticed several things. One I have not been consistent about posting to the blog, or products page. No one has visited or tried to order anything from the site. This makes me think that I am wasting my time and efforts and should try to do something else that is more suited to me. But what is that? Well I guess that is how I will be spending the last few days of 2015, trying to decide what I am willing to change in my life and about myself so that I am moving forward and not beating a dead horse so to speak.

Tell me, do you think this site is just a waste of space and should be deleted? Do you have any suggestions to make this site better? Or is it just one more piece of cyber trash that needs to be cleaned up? It is your internet, what would be best?

Oooo, would you look at that!

My family has lived in Montana for over a hundred years. I have lived and worked in Montana my entire life. I have raised two beautiful daughters and now enjoy my disability by spending time with my family, stringing beads, learning new needlework skills like arm knitting, knitting, and practicing crafting skills I have been doing as long as I can remember. The skill I really want to indulge in is writing, but until I have practiced some more enjoy the post on my ecommerce site: craftingmontana.com. The pictures are crude because I am not a photographer, the items are simple because I wanted to make things that people could afford. How many birthday parties a year does your child under ten attend? As my skills improve and evolve so will the types of items I can sell online. Currently I am working on a cottage food permit and those sells can only be done face to face. Follow me where ever you find me and help me to evolve into a better craftsman.