Its Been Different This Year

2015, has been a very trying year for me. So much has happened. I moved from North Central Montana to Southwest Montana, my Mom died, and so did a friend of mine. This was the first time that I can remember that I have lost two people in one year. Work has not been the most pleasant adventure for me. I took on a janitorial contract early in January and have been having some issues with the client. I don’t know why people demand a contract, when they aren’t even going to read it before they sign it. I had to take on a job as the place I moved to is rather expensive to live. Unfortunately by doing so, has suffered and for that I appologize. I hate not being able to work on by bringing new pictures of handmade products I have on hand to the store, and to write articles, or maybe for once a story or a poem highlighting one of the various products that I have for purchase on the site.

My sister and I had decided some time back, that an ecommerce website for all the handycraft things I made to pass the time of day for the first five years of being disabled, could be a way for me to supplement my SSDI. Since then my disability has improved some, I no longer require a service dog to be out in public (my adventures really don’t go past grocery shopping or going to work in an empty building now). The level of other issues involved do limit my ability to perform traditional jobs and to tolerate certain environments and personalities long term, still leave a lot to be desired. The janitorial contract that I am currently working through has proven to me that the limitations are real.

It is my plan for the future of this site to turn the shop section into a flipbook catalog, I am also going to get rid of the Guest crafter, apparently I don’t generate enough traffic for that as of yet. The articles will become consistent at least, and if I can I am hoping to find a couple of people who would be willing to film some tutorials. Earlier this week I went out to another sister’s house and she taught me how to can deer meat, one of my childhood favorite foods. Canning your own food is another craft that is slowly going by the wayside. That would have been an interesting tutorial don’t you agree? If you have any suggestions, those of you who are human and land here for whatever reason, if you would leave suggestions for me I would really appreciate it.

I am hoping to supplement my income and I know that I need your help to do so. After all if I have no customers then I have no store. I have finally found a way to model the hats, and scarves better and have been working on my lighting so that the pictures will be easier to see what it is you are getting for your money. Yes my prices are low, but that is because the items are pretty simple right now, and I have been living in poverty for so long that I know it is hard to afford all those birthday presents for relatives, and children’s birthday parties, as well as for Christmas. I enjoy making these items and many more, I like variety and after making 10 or so Arm knitted cowls, I might do some simple seed bead necklaces or earrings, or crochet a cowboy hat or two. To make the beeswax and parifin candles is an all day process that is difficult to do in the small apartment I live in now. I want to start cutting glass and offering candle holders, juice glasses and more candles in containers as well. I have all this wonder pure beeswax I want to use up. The repetition to continue making some items over and over is far to taxing on my hands so I need to change the actions I am taking.

I know nothing about marketing on the internet and certainly don’t understand traffic either. I have seen others prey upon others in ways that are far from honest on the internet, and I have seen others provide top notch service and products as well. Me, I am providing simple, unique, handmade items that make great gifts without having to spend a fortune for. I am a simple person, just trying to boost my income so that I can meet my bills, and maybe put a little away for something whenever it shows up. Any suggestions for, help, or purchases you may make are all greatly appreciated and warmly welcomed.

Remember, Keep On Crafting Montana!

Sewing Bee Needle Sharpener

No Name Gluten Free, Sugar Free Cookie

I made this beautiful gluten free, sugar free rhubarb, strawberry pie for Christmas Day Dinner.  I came back to my computer a couple of days later to type the recipe into this blog, and guess what?  I lost the recipe.  It was a beautiful, light, flavorful shortbread type crust made from gluten free brown rice flour, tapioca flour, and coconut flour.  I can’t remember how much butter and water I used though, so I have to try and recreate the pie crust recipe.  I thought when I made the original crust that it would make a nice cookie as well.  Here is the first try at a gluten free, sugar free cookie.  I like the taste and texture, but it is nothing special.  It turned out to be a soft cookie, with flavor but nothing too distinguished.  Below are the ingredients and measurements I used to make the cookie.  They couldn’t have been to awful tasting after all I ate all two dozen of them.


No Name Gluten Free Sugar Free Cookie

  • 1/2 cup brown rice flour
  • 1/2 cup tapioca flour
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 12 cup watercookie
  • 3 Tablespoons Butter or Margarine
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 Heaping Table spoons of Stevia

Mix all ingredients together until a nice creamy dough appears.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Drop by

Teaspoon fulls onto parchment paper on cookie sheet.  Bake 15-20 min, until golden brown on the bottoms.

Makes about 24 cookies.

Why don’t you give these a try, they are a nice light, little cookie that can surly satisfy anyone who is stuck on a diet of hard, crunch things for snacks.  I get tired of eating nuts and seeds all the time and want something soft to snack on.  These cookies fill that bill.  I will be trying different things like adding peanut butter, or chocolate to see how I can change it up, but for a basic gluten free, sugar free cookie this one is pretty good and you can dress it up with a little frosting and some sprinkles if you like.  If you bake these cookies, please let us know how they turned out for you and what you think of them.  If you are tired of eating healthy food that taste like your lawn, or a cardboard box then you have to try these cookies.

Remember, Keep on Crafting Montana!