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Return Policy

Due to the nature of my handcrafted items, I only take back items that are broken or defective. The colors vary from the web (as we all have different resolutions on our computers set up), and these types of returns for color or other variable things would be very time intensive for me to manage.

In other words, If you are not sure about the item, don’t order. I want to make everyone happy, but I can’t. So please don’t ask me to.

Should you have a broken or defective item, please email us at: CraftingMontana@Gmail.Com and I will provide you an address to send the item back and discuss with you the exchange.


Product shipment from CraftingMontana.Com located in Montana, will occur as soon as possible.

In some cases the product may need to be reproduced, if we have sold out of the item recently. We try to keep a small stock on hand, but if it does need to be reproduced it can take up to 2-3 weeks to have the product available for shipment.

Orders received after December 1 cannot be guaranteed for a delivery by Christmas!

Please allow 8 business days for ALL IN STOCK items to be shipped. The expected delivery time would be then between 4 and 8 further business days.

Shipment includes the costs of shipping insurance which are borne by CraftingMontana.Com. When a claim is justified, the product needs to be sent to us, so we are able to take a photo of the damaged goods to receive reimbursement of the value of the goods. No refunds will be made if product is not returned to us.

 Service Interruptions:

I work throughout the year at crafting. However, stock could be low, or shipments not go out right on time if it is camping season, fishing season, grandchild’s birthday, wild flower or berry picking season, Christmas tree cutting time, canning season, or if I need to help a neighbor bale some hay or chop some wood. You get the idea. Mostly, things go out and on time. I have never seen a Bees Wax Candle emergency and while it could exist, my advice is, think ahead.
If I can rush ship to you, I will. If not, I will tell you I can’t.


I won’t give away your name or email. I might send you other offers, but I won’t give out your info to others to send you offers.