Yep, you got it! is no longer offering items for sale. That was never my intention really. I wanted a platform to practice my writing skills.  Since I do a lot of crafting in my spare time it was suggested I set up a web store.

Against my better judgment, I went ahead and did just that.  After too many years of trying to get a web store up and off the ground, I finally decided to listen to my aching back and drop the rock.

I am not a salesperson. I am a storyteller, bender of history, unusual perceiver of events and more than one perception is something that I have been tormented with since I can remember sitting on the floor in my bedroom back in Ledger, Montana.

Far too often I would escape into the hills of Ledger, Montana and wonder for hours at a time.  Once my mother believed I had gotten lost, had been bitten by a snake, or had run away.

Out there in the hills, I could escape into a fantasy land of the old west, of the stories that my Grandfather Floerchinger had filled my head with during the days when he drove wagon for the United States Post Office.

I would listen to the wind, sometimes I still swear to this day, hearing the sounds of horses snorting and wagons being pulled across the prairie, while I kicked back in one of my many hiding spots.

I am not hiding anymore. I am going to live the dream that I have squashed for oh so long. now will focus mainly on one thing, progression in my writing.  I may offer some items for sale but that will not be my primary focus. This is where I get to tell all those stories that no one had time to read for me when I was growing up.  This is where I take the step off the cliff and free-fall into the dream that I put on a shelf and almost let die.

Yes, there will be articles about crafting and other related items of interest as I spend a great deal of time doing Artsie, crafty type things, but mainly to perfect my skills as a writer. I love to read a variety of books, and love to dabble in all sorts of genres. I would love to hear what you think about the articles and things written here.  It will help me not only grow as a writer but as a human being.

And remember, Keep On Crafting Montana!

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