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Why Price Your Hand Made Craft Items As You Do

I know that my pricing model looks a little off, well that is because I am a little off.  I want to make money from my craft, but I feel that it is more important that someone who wants to

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It’s A Free Pattern, What Do You Mean I Can’t Sell The Item?

That cool little shrug pattern you downloaded three months ago sure sold hot at the Farmer’s Market this winter.  You got the pattern from some where of the world wide web for free.  You slaved long and hard over those

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Tis The Night Before Christmas Eve Day, Oh Boy

I last posted in October that it was a tough year for me in 2015. It is my hope that 2016, is fresh, new, exciting, and full of great positive surprises for all who are reading this posting and for

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Its Been Different This Year

2015, has been a very trying year for me. So much has happened. I moved from North Central Montana to Southwest Montana, my Mom died, and so did a friend of mine. This was the first time that I can

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Montana’s Florence Crittenton Home Calls for Handmade Items

The Florence Crittenton Home & Services  in Helena, Montana, has been providing its clients for the past 114 years with intervention and prevention services to pregnant and parenting young women and their children.  Brittney Shirley states, ” We believe the

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Have A Spooktacular Halloween

  The air is crisp, the leaves are falling from the trees and in Montana we usually have snow on the ground by the time Halloween rolls around.  Unfortunately, not all children will have the opportunity to go trick or

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