About Susan

I was raised on the plains of Montana, in a very small town named Ledger.  At the time the population was 12 in the town and six of the townspeople were in my family alone. My sisters and I attended a one-room schoolhouse, the identical school house my Father, his sisters, and brothers went to as children. As youngsters, we were allowed to run the hills and coolies we called our backyard,  all summer. Our only constraints were to stay away from the natural bridge that was a huge rattlesnake den and to always be home before dark to avoid a run-in with a coyote.  In the winter, we had our own winter, wounder-land called, Floerchinger’s Hill to sled down, dig tunnels in the drifts and build snow forts for epic snowball fights.        



Some of my fondest memories from childhood stem from breaking into the one-room schoolhouse during the summer so that I could read the books in the library until the bookmobile came out of Great Falls, Montana with fresh reading material for me. I also remember breaking into the community Hall and teaching myself to play the piano, reading about my Grandmother Floerchinger who taught Sunday school there, and all the wonderful handbills that had been left backstage led me down the path of dreaming of being an actress one day when I was all grown up.

Well, I am all grown up now, even have grandchildren of my own.  I want to pass down some of the knowledge that I have about the homemaking skills that built this country to my grandchildren, so that they also learn not to depend on machines for everything, and that this world is not truly a disposable world, but things can be made a new with a fresh perspective and a little elbow grease.

My Uncles and Aunts as well as Grandparents, filled our heads with stories of the old west and before TV came along. They taught us to entertain ourselves.  Cooking, sewing, and other forms of needlework were taught in a class called Home Ec. (Home Economics), no one teaches how to care for a home anymore. We were also taught to garden and some of learned how to do woodworking or working on the family car as a way to waste time and find something constructive to do. Some of these skills are coming back as fads, but to truly use them on a daily basis anymore not so much. I still use many of these skills every day, and try to learn new ones that will help me save money, provide for myself when the electricity goes out and help craft, and create memories with the ones I love.

My website has articles and tales to share with your friends, family, co-workers, and social media buddies just click the share link in the sidebar, and a little store where you can purchase handmade trinkets that I have made already, and samples of items made for custom orders, don’t be afraid to drop me an email, craftingmontana@gmail.com, if you see something you like but would like it better in a different color, pattern or want a sample you can touch.  If you want to use one of my articles, please post a link back to my site. Please feel free to browse my site, please leave a comment to let us know you dropped by when you place an order~