About Susan

I was raised on the plains in Montana.  Living in a farming community, my sisters and I attended a one room school house and were allowed to run loose all summer on the prairie. Our only constraints were to stay out of the hills where the rattle snake pits were, and to always be home by dark.  


Summer brought experiences and discovery. One day it would be a baby bird that had fallen from its nest, the next it could be wildflowers demanding to be picked and taken home to my mom. We found dinosaur bones and arrowheads and fell asleep dreaming. Winters were just as busy with games of Fox and Geese, building snow tunnels and steaming mugs of cocoa with marshmallows. Mixed throughout the adventure, we learned to cook, sew, and make crafts.  As an adult, I still love crafting. I taught my daughters to craft, sew and cook as they grew, and now, I have grandchildren to share my handmade traditions with.

My website, Crafting Montana, is an extension of the hand goods I make and also my other love, which is writing. I have always loved to write and while I have published for some local magazines, I know I will eventually publish something bigger. Yes, as every writer, I always have a book in process. As the days of summer give over to the cool nights of fall I will be writing more blog posts and also a series of short stories. I’m looking forward to writing stories which combine  handmade traditions, and the families who pass them down.






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