1) 5,600 seed beads were used in the making of Priyanka Chorpra’s Ralph Lauren Wedding dress.

2) Miss Skylar Nicole Ballard wore a gown with a bodice that was embroidered with bugle beads and seed beads to the 54th celebration of the Mystic Krewe of Olympia’s annual Bal Masque.

3) Multimedia artist Brittany Britton, created in honor of her grandmother, her favorite pow-wow chair, sewing seed beads to straps of leather for the back and seat of the chair.

4) “Antiques Roadshow” appraised a Native American pipe bag dating back to the 1880s, between $7,000 to $9,000.

5) Seed Beads, named for their small uniformed shape about 2mm in diameter are rarely found in Alaska before 1840.

6) Many African communities use beads to symbolizes wealth and social status.

7) In 1797, many of Venice’s glass and bead workers was taken to France where their secret techniques were revealed.

8) Mass production of beads began in the 1800s.

9) Another name for seed bead is Rocailles.

10) Artist Maria D’Souza, www.beadedskullart.com, uses seed beads among other beads and semi to precious stones to decorate animal skulls.

11) In 1947, Princess Elizabeth’s Wedding Dress had crystal and pearl beads in the 15-foot train.

12) Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry believe they found tombs belonging to priests of Thoth, her mummy was decorated with blue and red beads.

13) The making of glass beads in one of the oldest human art forms.

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